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UP takes the trophy "home" - Annalena new German Championess on Trango XC3

Tuesday, 04 August 2015
Last week the German comps scene converged on Tolmin/Slovenia to decide who was to carry the title of German Champion home, in the German Open 2015.
The new German Champion!

Our very own Annalena Hinestroza, who is normally to be found behind her desk at the UP HQ in Garmisch-Partenkirchen was there too, and she came home with the Female Champion title! Annalena flew her little UP Trango XC3 to victory, and was even the top-placed EN C wing by a very big margin, right up there with all the 2-liner CCC wings!

You can find the full results here - when you do, please marvel at the lonely EN C wing in among all the EN D machines there, then draw your own conclusions... And Annalena; we're sooooo proud of you!

Best from the rest of the UP Team!



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