Red Bull X-Alps: Ferdy 7th in GOAL!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A hard day's night for Ferdy - but who cares now? GOOAAAALLLL!!!!!

Red Bull X-Alps: Ferdy 7th in GOAL!

Photo: Red Bull 

Ferdy has had a crazy night, walking and running some 45km as the crow flies (meaning MUCH more along the twisting and turning Provence roads) - but now it is officially over, and Ferdy is on Peille, where the clock has stopped for him and he can almost relax. He's 7th in goal, an absolutely amazing result not least considering he was almost at the very back of the field after a few unlucky moves in the first few days. At UP we're happy and proud, and just dying to hear what Ferdy has to say about his Trango XC3, the wing that, together with his poor feet, brought him from Salzburg to Monaco. Ferdy has flown almost 1600km on the wing, in the absolutely most challenging conditions anyone would ever want to fly XC in, and he must have something to say about the wing... He has walked almost 500km too, but we don't know if he's going to give feedback to his shoe suppliers??

In any case, CONGRATULATIONS FERDY! You have been an inspiration for us all!

A little further back Honza is on a roll too, apparently just breaking away from the flying buddies he has been hanging with these last few days. If he encounters good conditions he may still make it to Peille today, otherwise he should be there some time tomorrow. Absolutely awesome performance by Honza too!

As soon as we have been in touch with the guys we'll share their feedback about the gliders they have been flying, watch this space!