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Ferdy and Honza; always good for a surprise...

Tuesday, 14 July 2015
Our two Red Bull X-Alps gladiators have had an amazing event this time around - they have been at the back, struggling, and they have been racing like airborne sensations to make up for lost ground.
The moment when Ferdy cruises into 7th place
The image shows the moment when Ferdy cruises past USA2/Gavin McClurg, who got caught out on the wrong side of a mountain for a bit too long. Ferdy had an amazing flight after that.

Just a few days ago they were both in 20th + place, today Ferdy moved into a comfortable 7th place, and Honza appeared from just about nowhere to take 12th position, albeit with a big pack of strong pilots gnawing at his heels. At the moment it looks as if they may both make it to Monaco (Ferdy within the next few hours, Honza probably some time Thursday, and we're just in awe of their indomitable spirit and their skills. We're so stoked to have these two on our team, and we haven't been able to shut down the livetracking for more than a week now.

What an amazing race! Hats off to every one of the guys and girls who took/takes part, hats off to the amazing rookies who have appeared out of nowhere to give Maurer some stress, well, hats off basically! We'll try to give Ferdy a call tomorrow to get some news about his perspective when he gets to goal!