Trango XC3 - certification completed...!

Friday, 10 April 2015

We're stoked to announce that the Trango XC3 in sizes SM, M und L is now officially certified

Trango XC3 - certification completed...!

Our certification partner, the EAPR, has confirmed the process and placed the new Trango flagship in the LTF/EN C category. You may find the proof here

The Internet is already buzzing with this new UP performance wing, and people are raving about both the handling, the stability and not least the performance. While we already knew that the new UP baby was special, the reception it is getting is almost overwhelming and we're enjoying it very much. The image shows an S/M against a Bassano sky earlier this week, the pilot was said to have enjoyed his flight enourmously and we're sure that you will too, so do book a test flight with your local UP pusher as soon as possible.

As for the character of the wing, anyone who enjoyed the Trango XC2 but felt that it was a bit over the top in terms of relaying the movements of the airmass will have an absolute ball on the new wing - it is everything the XC2 was, but more, and in a more relaxed package. It really is quite special...