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The new UP glider backpack - an overview

Monday, 23 March 2015

With the new glider technology, specifically the rods that are used in the canopy to maintain the perfect aerofoil at all angles of incidence, glider packs have grown longer and longer in recent years.

The new UP glider backpack - an overview

This makes for new demands on the backpack used to carry the whole thing, and we have been busy designing a completely new one that is both comfortable, efficient and tall enough for the long glider packs.

The new backpack is available in 2 sizes. The M size, which we recommend for most users of Beginner and Intermediate gliders, and which is included as standard with Ascent 3's, Makalu 3's and Makalu Lights, as well as Kantega XC3's up until and including M size, and Summit XC3/Trango XC3's in S size, holds 140l and weighs 1230g (that makes it just about ½kg lighter than the old UP backpack). The L size, intended for very big gliders and competition-style harnesses, and included with Kantega XC2 L, Summit XC3's and Trango XC3's from size S/M and up, holds 175l and weighs 1330g.

The new pack is already being included with new models being shipped out to customers, in the sizes indicated above. If you have an opinion about the size of backpack you'd like to receive we suggest you let your dealer know and we'll do our best to accomodate you - note that there is a small surcharge on the total cost if you decide to order the non-standard size with your new wing, and that it can only be done upon ordering.

The new backpack is also available as an aftermarket upgrade for pilots already owning a UP wing - please speak to your dealer in this regard, or read more about it here!