Stubai Cup 2015

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Perhaps the most succesful Stubai Cup ever!?

Stubai Cup 2015

Not only the weather was perfect; as the local Flugschule Parafly organisation carried out their 24th incarnation of the event, people came from near and far to take part in this late winter/early spring paragliding extravaganza. Try as we might we can't think of another testival event we've participated in with more gliders lent out for testing, and fortunately all the pilots came back smiling! The Summit XC3 was the most sought-after wing in the UP lineup, but in fact all our wings were flying just about all the time. And we didn't even have any Trango XC3's to lend, although we did persuade Ernesto (Hinestroza) to do parade flights on one.

We'd like to thank everyone who came, it was a pleasure to welcome you all at the UP stand! If you feel you didn't get to chat enough with us then we understand, because we were just sooo busy all the time, but we hope that you will call or write us, or show up in Lijak in Slovenia during the weekend of the 28. to 29. of March, if you still have questions you would like to ask, or gliders you would like to test! If not - we hope to see you in Stubai next year!