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Trango XC3 load- and flight tests concluded in sizes SM, M and L

Thursday, 26 February 2015

We're pleased to announce that the load tests have been concluded today, after a longer-than-wished-for wait due to snow on the runway. This means that all sizes except S are now both load- and flight tested, and the final paperwork is in progress.

The certification institute uses an old aerodrome for their load test lorry to drive down, and this is only possible when the runway is free of snow. But the Alps have been deep in snow for months now, and only in the last few days have the conditions allowed load testing. As expected, the Trango XC3 had no problem passing the test, but that is besides the point from a bureaucratic point of view; either the wing is flight- and load tested, and thereby certified, or it isn't, at least formally.

So we're celebrating at UP - we expect a lot from this new model, and we look forward to hearing from pilots flying it all over the World.