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The new Trango XC3 is ready!

Friday, 16 January 2015

On Thursday last week the Trango XC3 in size M passed the certification tests at the min. wing loading - the max. load had been done about a week earlier - in the EN C category. While celebrating this we fortunately remembered to order the first generous batch of wings from the production facilities.

UP Trango XC3. Note that this is a prototype in non-standard colours!

NOTE: The wing above is a prototype in non-standard colours - but it is a pretty shape!

This means the early birds among our clients can look forward to recieving their brand-new wings in the first half of February, and if you're excited about that then please rest assured that it is nothing against the excitement we feel!

We feel that this new wing will be welcomed by a very wide audience. It is, as you probably know, first and foremost designed to appeal to pilots who would have flown EN D wings before the EN D class became the all-out racing machine class, but being a UP it is also really easy and very reassuring to fly, so advanced pilots looking for performance in the EN C class will feel right at home on it - lots of performance, but no hidden vices. Stefan "Boxi" Bocks, our adventure wing consultant, called it "fingerspitz-leistung", and we translated that at made it our slogan for the new wing: Performance at your fingertips.

Read all about the new wing here, then make sure you look up your local dealer to book a test flight on one asap!