Our Summit XC3 now also for light pilots!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Latest news from the world of paraglider certification is that our Summit XC3 has now passed in size XS,

Our Summit XC3 now also for light pilots!

We're excited to announce that our performance intermediate wing, the EN B Summit XC3, is now also certified in size XS. The new size covers a weight range of 60-80kgs. With this certification in the bag, the Summit XC3 series now covers a total weight range from 60 to 130kgs.

The popular wing is recognised as being one of the fastest in its class, with performance that matches the hardcore "traditional" EN D wings available today. The fact that even the extra-small model attained an EN B speaks volumes for the passive safety of the wing.

Production is scheduled to begin immediately, with the first deliveries expected in the first quarter of the new year. This means that the wing may already be ordered from your nearest UP pusher - check the "Dealers and distributors" section of our website to locate one!



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