Coupe Icare 2014 - thanks for coming!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We'd like to thank the many UP friends who showed up at our stand in St. Hilaire this year!

Coupe Icare 2014 - thanks for coming!

As usual, a great time was had by all who made a point of visiting the largest event in the free-flying calendar. Our many happy visitors at the UP stand were particularly curious about the new Summit XC3, but many inquired about the new Ascent 3 and the K2-3 as well. The K2-3 remains, according to the comments we got from our guests, "the greatest tandem on the market today" - and that is not a bad reputation to have...

Very many pilots also wanted to know about the next incarnation of the Trango series - small wonder, since the Trango XC2 is so popular still - and we were uncharacteristically forthcoming towards these pilots in that we didn't just say "no comments" like we usually do when people ask us about upcoming glider models. Basically we ARE working night and day on the Trango XC3, we're getting very close and we'll keep you all updated here on the website and in our newsletters, and with our dealers, in the near future... Now don't you dare push any further, this is as much as you'll be getting!

See you all in St. Hilaire next year!!!