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Makalu Light in size 24 now certified

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Makalu Light series is our dedicated alpinist wings. They are light, but not so light as to be disconcerting, and they have almost all of the durability that the normal UP wings have, i.e. quite a lot!

They are used by a great variety of pilots; some take them on bivvy touring trips, some value their weight and compact packing measures for airline travel, and some just think picking up the backpack with a lighter wing in it is rather nice.

The Series is now complete, with the larger size 24 having just been certified. Like the others, this one has a very broad weight range of no less than 60kgs (75-135kgs), reflecting the wide range of applications pilots might use it for. Basically, no matter if you're on a lightweight top tour with little or no extra kit, or on a multiple-week expedition through the Pakistan backcountry with supplies for the whole trip in your pack, you'll still be within the certified weight range! You could even use it for easy top descents with your partner, if you're both reasonably light!

The EN B certification is already in place - the (German-market) LTF certification will only be in place once the LTF accreditation of the DHV test institute has been concluded.

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