Fast XC

Same feeling but lighter

Same feeling but lighter

The XC machine

The fast XC is the ideal companion for cross-country pilots seeking the finest, most comfortable performance harness available. It is aerodynamic, it is fully enclosed and it has plenty of passive safety in the form of ample foam-filled airbags in case the landing doesn't go completely according to plan. With this harness, going the distance has just gotten easier!

  • Smaller to pack, lighter to carry
  • Easy to enter and exit due to improved leg cover design
  • Detachable integrated aerodynamic cockpit with ample room for all the electronics (19x29cm)
  • Removable leg cover with ram-air nose cone and two-buckle closure
  • Back protection that extends almost to the neck of the pilot. Very efficient impact dampening, with test results showing a maximum impact vlaue of 35G (up to 50G allowed in this test!)
  • Certified to the LTF 91/09 standard
  • Improved reserve parachute container with very short connection between the handle and the inner container
  • Ball-bearing pulleys from yachting for the speed system
  • Exterior made from sturdy CorduraÂź
  • Available in two sizes, with three different leg cover lengths for the perfect match to most pilots
  • Lateral pockets for things you need to access in the air
  • Camel Bag ready