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Stubai Cup 2014

Tuesday, 04 March 2014

Next weekend (March 7th to 9th) we'll all be going to the traditional Stubai Cup in the valley of that same name, some 40km south of our home base in Garmisch-Partenkirchen as the paraglider (or crow) flies.

StubaiCup2014-1The Stubai Cup is where Europeans and overseas visitors travel for their first taste of the new season's gliders and related articles. At the UP stand we'll have all current models available for test flying, meaning you could have a go on an Ascent 3, a Makalu 3, a Makalu Light, a Kantega XC2, a Trango XC2 and even a Trango X-Light 2. We'll also have K2-3 wings available for test flying, but only in the M/L size - other wings should be there in all sizes! If you're in the 'hood and are contemplating what to fly for the 2014 season, do come around for a test flight - the weather forecast is looking very promising at this point in time!