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Introducing the new K2-3

Monday, 06 January 2014
The new K2-3 is a tandem pilots' wet dream. While working on the new wing we have taken the utmost care to refrain from tampering with all the things that have made the current model so universally loved, and only refined where refinement made any positive sense to the complete package.
Introducing the new K2-3
Some of the things we have done include making the wing lighter without compromising the longevity, not least in a wing that is built to perform commercially day after day for years, we have beefed up the trimmers and made them replaceable, we have reworked the A-risers to make BigEars more convenient, and we have revised the tandem t-bar to make the spreader bar removable so that tandem pilots may use them with spreaders for heavier pilots and without for when flying with light pilots. Finally we have a whole palette of new colour combinations available for your, and your customer's, viewing pleasure.

The K2-3 will be ready to ship from around February 28th, and we're open for pre-orders already!