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Daria and X-Light 2 in Venezuela

Thursday, 28 November 2013
Daria Krasnova from Russia single-handedly generates a lot of the news we publish here, and we're proud of her for it! This time she has been to Venezuela to fly the Pre-PWC in Nirgua.
Daria and X-Light 2 in Venezuela

I am tempted to say "as usual" and would if I didn't fear to be jinxed for it - but anyway, Daria won the female ranking (nice), was comfortably the highest-ranked pilot flying a 3-liner (very nice), and she was 13th Overall (EXTREMELY nice), in a field of 136 pilots COMPLETELY dominated by Enzo's, Icepeak 6's and Boomerang 9's. Daria is still on a steep upwards curve, and it is a joy to behold.

Well done Daria!