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Long Distance in Brazil on a Trango XC2 - UPDATED!

Friday, 08 November 2013

First we got notice that Polish Trango XC2 pilot Rafal Chmura was flying far in Quixadá, Brazil. On Nov. 1st he did a 314km flight from Quixadá to just SW of Piracuruca, flying for 8h41min! Now it turns out Alex Coltman from the UK is also there, and he just flew 369km!

Alex' flight was more orthodox than Rafal's (see below), with an early start and almost 10 hours in the air. Alex launched just after 8 o'clock AM and kept going more or less until sunset, topping out at just over 3000m. Looking at his track he could hardly have been more efficient (it is almost a straight line), meaning if he is to milk more out of the days then he needs more wind...

Alex' flight can be found here:

Rafal launched very late, at 12:05, something that is not normally comme il faut in Quixadá, so now he just needs to get airborne sooner (some of the longest flights from Quixadá have been launched as early as 07:30) and he'll have a WORLD RECORD! In the mean time this is an impressive performance already, and we're pleased to have supplied the wing that Rafal flies! Well done Rafal, we hope this has whet your appetite for more!

Click on the link below to see the flight: