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Amazing landscapes down under

Monday, 28 October 2013
The UP Streckenfieber online contest 2013 was hotly contested - for a long time it looked like Aussie Bruce Marks would walk away with the grand trophy (a UP paraglider of his own choice), but in the end German Birgitte Kurbel sneaked in ahead of him.

That didn't deter Bruce though; he has already taken possession of his new Trango XC2 at the heavily discounted 2. place price, and in an email last night let us know just how happy he is :-)

And that is plenty reason to write about it here in its own right; but Bruce took a camera on his first flight on the new wing, and kindly shared a few images from Western Australia with us - now we're sharing them with you. Bruce tow launches from a paddock called Westonia, some 3-400km East of Perth, and flies over what looks like the moon with some agriculture thrown in. The craters in the images aren't really, they're salt pans, and one reason why farming out there isn't as easy as in, say, Uganda, but it makes for some spectacular aerial views. Thanks for sending these over Bruce, and congratulations for your handsome 2. place!

IMG 0119 webIMG 0122 webIMG 0138 web