K2 2 Tandem

Share the sensation

Share the sensation

Perhaps the finest tandem paraglider available today - DISCONTINUED MODEL!

The UP K2-2 tandem has been described by experienced tandem pilots as the most versatile, fun and lively tandem wing on the market; we know of several professional tandem pilots who take it out for acro sessions with their friends to wind down after a long day of taking paying passengers up – this has to be the best indicator of the FUN factor built into this design!

  • More speed, wider speed range 
  • Positive and negative trimmers
  • Less brake pressure
  • Nylon battens (ASS) in leading edge, no mylar
  • Less weight, easier packing
  • 2 sizes
  • New more dirt-resistant standard colours
  • Swept back wingtips
  • Great launch characteristics due to optimized sweepback angle
  • Sporty look
  • Size SM certified for solo and tandem use

NOTE the 2013 colours below!

Although it has almost turned into a PG business tandem marketing platitude, this tandem really does handle like solo wing - and that from the moment you touch the risers to launch it and until you and your happy passenger are back on the ground; if it wasn't for the clicking noise from the camera you could be excused for forgetting that the passenger is even there! Just make sure you don't go off on long XC's when there are paying passengers waiting...
Available in two sizes, the K2-2 can be flown at its sweet spot by almost everyone...
The 2D diagram clearly shows the all new canopy − the elliptical predecessor was replaced by a wing design with a large sweepback angle, which makes the K22 a pleasure to launch. The swept back wingtips, first introduced in our competition wings, not only reduce drag but add to the arrow−like visual effect of this glider. Nylon battens instead of mylar in the leading edge reduce the packing volume and add to the easy launching characteristics.
Safety and maintenance
Make sure to check your K2²'s risers, trimmers, lines, fabric and buckles for abrasion and damage before each flight. 
To protect the kamet buckle and to reduce abrasion on the trimmer strap, we recommend to regularly apply a drop of oil on each side of the axis that holds the spring, as shown in the picture below. This ensures that the teeth of the Kamet buckle lock firmly into the trimmer strap. Do not let any oil get onto the trimmer strap.

Delivery: Stuffsack, Inner Bag, Compression Tape, UP Gift, UP Sticker



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