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Summit XC2

Aim higher

Aim higher

More ‘feel-good’ than ever before - DISCONTINUED MODEL!

The Summit series was first introduced in 2001 and has been gaining loyal followers throughout the world ever since. We are excited to introduce the fifth incarnation of our famous EN / LTF C flagship: The Summit XC²! It comes with more extras, more performance and more ‘feel-good’ than ever before, all in an easy-to-use package that will appeal to a very wide pilot audience.

  • Safe performance paragliding: Size M only scored one C (full speed 75% asymetrical collapse). All other categories scored A's and B's!!!
  • 3-liner riser design - less drag, more performance, more fun
  • Swept-back wingtips like on the higher rated brethren
  • Very efficient speed system with high top speed
  • Mini ribs in the trailing edge to keep this crucial part of the canopy under perfect control. It also keeps the profile nice and clean thereby reducing drag
  • Airfoil Stabilizing System (ASS) instead of Mylar for perfect leading edge definition, light weight and easy packing. Drag reduction by keeping the leading edge clean and in shape.
  • Brake tensioning system (BTS) for crisper handling and optimum tension on the trailing edge



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