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Online Contest success for the UP team pilots

Friday, 14 June 2013

This summer has been a little unusual in that the first real super day was late - June 13th was the day when all of the Alps went crazy in XC mania, and the UP pilots were there.

Highest scoring UP pilot was Alfred Brenzing, who completed a 193,5km FAI triangle from the Osterfelder launch - this secured him the 4th place in the Sports class, with more than 100 points down to the 5th-ranked pilot.

In 9th place in the Sports Class rankings we find Florian Bauer, followed by Christian Zach in 10th place. On Super Thursday (13th of June) Christian completed a 171.9km FAI triangle from Hochfelln.

Then in 14th place in the Sports rankings we have Heribert Stadler, and in 28th place Manfred Fuchs, who is flying a Kantega XC2, in order to "show the World what can be accomplished on an EN B wing".

Adrian Seitz from Switzerland is also scoring. On Super Thursday he completed a 168km triangle from the Kühboden launch. Another very notable flight in his portfolio also took place on the 13th - this time 13th of April, where he flew an open distance of 193km from Cardada launch, above Locarno. This must have been a rather spectacular flight!

Well done to all the UP XC pilots, have fun!