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Big distance on a Kantega XC2, and other spring season news

Friday, 26 April 2013

We have been saying it right from the start; the new Kantega XC2 is an XC machine.

But here's the proof! 175.5km FAI triangle flown by Bernhard Plasser from the Hirschwaldstein in Austria. Bernhard maintained a respectable 22km/h average speed over his course, another clue to the efficiency of his style (and that of his wing ;-) ) Bernhards flight was the 7th highest scoring flight of the day!

Very well done Bernhard!

Link to the flight in

The day before, UP test pilots Michal Sneiberg (Snajby to his friends) and Jirka Dlask flew a 150+km FAI triangle from the Wank (UP home site) aboard their Trango X-Light 2 protos, also a handsome performance by these two!

Link to Snajbys flight from the Wank

On that same day, German pilot Thomas Sauter flew an open distance through the Schwarzwald region on his Makalu 3 wing, making 102km in almost 6 hours of flying! He must have been well chuffed :-) Well done to all of you once again!

Link to Thomas Sauters' flight in the Schwarzwald