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The 2013 Drama XC Warm UP a success

Wednesday, 03 April 2013
Our colleague Mads Syndergaard travelled to Greece to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our Greek distributor in the UP business. The "party" was a special competition made to attract relative newcomers to the joys of competition paragliding, and Mads was invited in his capacity as a UP representative AND the author of Flying Rags for Glory, to do lectures about comp flying every day.
Although hampered by poor weather the comp had 2 tasks scored (out of four planned) and not least the first one was a great race. In the end, after 2 days, Mads had the poor grace to walk away with the top podium position, but fortunately there were trophies for many more pilots. Judging from the feedback the pilots appreciated the opportunity to learn in a less hard-core environment than that which most budding comp pilots are exposed to - thanks to Dionisis Vlasopoulous for being a loyal UP man in the field for more than 20 years, and for taking the initiative for this great event. Also thanks to the local Drama crowd for providing logistics support for the whole thing! We hope you do more of this in the future!