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Makalu 4 product introduction

Montag, 07 Dezember 2015

We've just learned that the new Makalu 4 size M has passed the flight tests in EN B - enough reason then to celebrate, and share the happy news with you!

Makalu 4 product introduction

The new wing is everything that the predecessor was, and much more - it got the note "A" in all maneouvres except one little measly "B" just like the "3", but it is also a more refined product, with almost 100m less line in all sizes, with mini ribs in the trailing edge, ASS2 leading edge, and even magnetic brake keepers. The speed system in lighter in use and more efficient, and the aerofoil allows full use of the speed bar without punishing you on the L/D.

We know that you all have very discerning tastes when it comes to sizing, so we're building the new wing in all of 5 different sizes (cert. pending on all but the M size), meaning most everyone should be able to fly right on their personal sweet-spot. If you're not sure which size to choose our chief designer Franta Pavlousek has written a very informative piece about it, find that document by clicking here.

The new wing is finished and flight tested in size M as you read this, and we begin shipping in the first quarter of 2016 (M size wings as usual come first). You can already preorder Makalu 4 in all sizes from your UP dealer, as the other sizes will follow shortly after that, and we hope to be shipping all sizes by the time spring comes to Central Europe. We hope you'll all give this little baby a warm welcome into the world; we know she deserves it! UP Makalu 4 - flying should be FUN!

Click her to go straight to the Makalu 4 product pages and learn more about this latest addition to the UP family!