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We're the oldest brand in the industry. We employ a team of motivated professionals looking forward to welcome you in their midst. We are always on the lookout for highly qualified additions to our team.
We are located in the Alpine resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, just 500m from the lift that leads to some of the nicest launches in the German Alps.

Freie Stellen

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  • Rimo Produktvideo

    Sonntag, 19 Dezember 2021
    Im Rahmen unseres Teampilotentreffens entstand auch unser brandneues Rimo Produktvideo.
  • Teampilotentreffen in Feltre

    Sonntag, 19 Dezember 2021
    Im Oktober 2021 fand unser alljährliches Teampilotentreffen im italienischen Feltre, am Fuße der Belluneser Dolomiten,…