UP International Team

UP Team

UP is synonymous with free flight, having been at the forefront of development since 1972. With more than 40 years of history in the free-flying world, nobody can touch the heritage that UP has. UP was originally an acronym for Ultralight Products. Today, the brand name is simply UP International, and the mission is to build the highest performing yet easy paragliders in all performance categories.
UP Team

Our team, headed by Swedish paragliding pioneer Christian Rönning, continues to strive for that perfect mix of performance and handling that will bring a manic grin onto the face of paraglider enthusiast every time they take to the skies. UP is run by a group of highly motivated individuals from all over the world - between us we speak quite a few languages, many of these as natives! See whom you may run into at UP, or communicate with via phone or email:



Christian Rönning

CEO Christian RönningCEO

Frantisek Pavlousek

Chief designer Frantisek PavlousekChief designer

Matthias Hartman

COO Matthias HartmanQuality Manager

Kilian Bardey

Sales Manager Kilian BardeySales Manager

Annalena Hinestroza

Intl. Sales Manager Annalena HinestrozaMarketing & Intl. Sales

Daniel Bui-Moosbrugger

Intl. Sales ManagerMarketing & Intl. Sales

Yvonne Dippon

Sales Yvonne DipponSales

Christine Liebl

Accounting Christine LieblAccounting

Michal Sneiberg

Test Pilot Michal SneibergTest Pilot

Jirka Dlask

Test Pilot Jirka DlaskTest Pilot

André Szag

Workshop Manager André SzagWorkshop Manager

Ernesto Hinestroza

Workshop Assistant Ernesto HinestrozaWorkshop Assistant