UP at the Fassa Sky Expo

Mittwoch, 27 September 2017
All the Gliders you could ever demo, a fast tram ride to the top, and some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. Campitello di Fassa hosts the Sky Expo from September 29th to October 1st. Campitello di Fassa is a beutiful mountain town located deep in the Italian Dolomites and sorrounded by granite mastifes. We wil have all our demo gliders on hand, the latest news on new releases, and big smiles on our faces. Hope to see you there!
UP at the Fassa Sky Expo



  • Auf Streckenjagd in Spanien

    Montag, 03 August 2020
    David Cubel gewinnt XC-Wettbewerb in Zarza Capilla.
  • Kangri S

    Dienstag, 07 Juli 2020
    Der Kangri in Größe S ist jetzt auch EN/LTF B zertifiziert.