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UP and Marcelo Alanis new Argentine Champions!

Freitag, 26 Dezember 2014

We received an email from our rep in Argentina:

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"Here we have a new National Champion with UP trango 2. We are really happy to have a champion with EN C glider over the HIGH EN D.

His name is MARCELO ALANIZ, from MERLO San Luis, after 2 tasks in Cuchi Corral , Cordoba, 3 tasks in La Rioja, La Rioja and 2 tasks in Mendoza, Mendoza, Marcelo won the Overall title in argentina.

He finished 1st in La Rioja with a good chances for the last spot, and he achieve the 1st position there after 2 tasks in mendoza."

This is pretty amazing all in all, and we'd like to say a very loud CONGRATULATIONS to Marcelo for this very fine achievement! We've always known that the Trango was pretty hot, but this is to our knowledge the first time that someone has managed to top the Overall podium, in front of all the 2-liners, flying one of our EN C machines. Well done!