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Thermik Magazine review the UP Ascent 3 - a positively glowing review!

Montag, 24 November 2014

In their review, Thermik Magazine lets all of their test pilots have a go on the UP wing, here's a summary quote:


Rarely has the reviewer team been in such outstanding agreement in their assessment of a wing. Regardles of the pilot we suspended under it, their enthusiasm was great. Of particular importance to this uniformly enthusiastic reception among our team was the fact that the wing is so much FUN to fly, no matter if one is thermalling, soaring close to the ridge, doing a spot of freestyle, or going on long XC flights [...]"

We couldn't agree more, and won't pass up this opportunity to mention that Austrian paragliding school owner Hans Poscher has underlined the XC suitability of the wing with an FAI triangle covering no less than 119km. Find Hans' flight on the XContest server here.

ascent3-thermik crop7On that note, if there aren't already Ascent 3's at your local hill, now is the time to change that - this is one investment in paragliding that is guaranteed to pay off!

Please contact your local UP pusher for a demo flight,

Translated, the image caption says:

"It is hard to capture the fun factor in words, but it has to do with its directional stability, the complete confidence we had in the wing, and its outstanding handling."