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Colours 2014 - see them here

Donnerstag, 02 Januar 2014
At UP we are very aware that our distinctive glider look is very popular among our fans, so we do not take graphic updates lightly. But at the same time the flying world is a dynamic environment and we need to remain current - and with these new colour combos we feel that we are!

Colours 2014 - see them here
The new colours will be available from January onwards, as stock runs out of the old ones. If you would specifically like to order wings from old stock (in old colours) let us know when you order, as there may be wings sitting on shelves somewhere - if you wish to order wings sporting "old" colours from the beginning of 2014, beware that these come at the custom colour surcharge!

We're also building a new interactive web tool for pilots for whom these combinations still aren't cutting edge enough - with this new tool the colour-conscious will be able to combine all the UP colours in new and exciting ways straight from the UP website. To be introduced some time in the first half of 2014...



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