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New colours for the K2-2

Donnerstag, 16 Mai 2013

The UP K22 is by far the most popular tandem wing we have ever built. Now it is time for an update to the standard colours

These are the new colours for the K22

 K2-2colour2 2013K2-2 colour1 2013

- The Green/Gold is a new standard colour

- The Gold/Blue gliders is new but limited edition; if that one tickles your fancy please get your order in asap or you may found that they have been sold out and you'll be paying custom colour surcharge,

- The other standard colour for 2013 is Orange/Grey as seen on the K22 web page

- The Red/Grey is not being continued as a standard colour. If you MUST own a red/grey K22 then now is the time to act!



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