Kangri HPR

Light XC star

Light XC star

The new Kangriᴴᴾᴿ

We positioned the Kangriᴴᴾᴿ at the top end of the B-category on purpose. Our vision, to create a lightweight glider with the best possible glide and speed on bar is setting a new benchmark in its class. The uncompromising design of the Kangriᴴᴾᴿ exceeds the expectations of ambitious XC-pilots, while keeping the benefits of a B-glider in terms of comfort and safety.

The glider is now equipped with the completely new HPR riser concept (High Performance Risers). Thanks to this innovative feature, the glider can now be controlled very sensitively and smoothly via the C-plane in any flight situation (pitch control, straight-line flight, turning into the thermals, etc.).

Real lightweight
Due to its lightweight construction, the Kangriᴴᴾᴿ weighs only 3.7 kg in its smallest size. The material mix of 32g and 27g Porcher Skytex as well as the sophisticated inner life are not only light but also durable. With the intelligent mix of Aramid- and Dynema-lines, our three-liner offers a long-lasting, lightweight setup. The small packing size and minimal weight enables you to reach even the most remote areas of our beautiful planet. Enjoy your adventures!