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The Trango XC3 - is it really almost here?

Wednesday, 08 October 2014

TrangoXC3 web2The UP Trango XC2 has been one of the most succesfull UP wings of all time, proof that we hit a nerve with that particular wing by combining classic EN D feel and performance with EN C safety.

It has been a supremely accomplished XC weapon for pilots looking for a little extra in the performance department without compromising their personal safety along the way. Even at the end of the 2014 season, more than 2 years after its introduction, it managed to carry Brigitte Kurbel to a very comfortable victory in the FAI World XContest, ahead of pilots flying both Open Class and 2-liner EN D wings.

BUT our head of R&D, Franta Pavlousek, was certain he could do even better, so he's been busy filing away at a successor, and we are supremely pleased to announce that his labours are very close to bearing fruit. The new wing will most likely be called the Trango XC3, and we aim to have the M size available from early 2015, with the other sizes to follow shortly after that. With the new wing we have endeavoured to use the New Generation Airfoil to expand the boundaries of the EN C class a little further, also in order to distinguish the wing from our new Summit XC3. This means that the new wing caters to all the performance hounds out there who find the optics and the feel of a Summit a little too mellow for their liking, and feel that they need more A/R on the difficult days to help them locate and exploit lift even better. As usual from UP, the wing contains no hidden vices, but it is designed and marketed for the very top end of the EN C segment and should be flown by pilots familiar with gliders of such pedigree. Anyone coming from a too-hot-to-handle EN D design will feel right at home, as will very talented XC pilots stepping up from a Summit series wing. As usual, anyone coming from a wing in the Trango family will feel instantly at home. More info will follow shortly - we'll be sure to keep you all posted...

If you're in the market for a very competitive EN C wing that will take good care of you for years to come then your dealer may have a good deal on an XC2 (current model) for you - please get in touch with the local UP pusher for availability.