Good News From Down Under

Dienstag, 15 Januar 2013
Australian UP distributor David "KK" Wainwright is in Bright flying the 2013 Bright Open on his Trango XC2 - he won the first task!
The event is full of comp wings, with gazillions of Icepeaks and Enzo's - but on the first task, a 70+ km dogleg out in the flatlands, KK beat them all in to goal! The Trango just rocks, and keeps turning heads here and everywhere. Well done KK!



  • Auf Streckenjagd in Spanien

    Montag, 03 August 2020
    David Cubel gewinnt XC-Wettbewerb in Zarza Capilla.
  • Kangri S

    Dienstag, 07 Juli 2020
    Der Kangri in Größe S ist jetzt auch EN/LTF B zertifiziert.