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It has been confirmed - Boxi has arrived at the Ysyk Kul!

Dienstag, 30 Juli 2013
Yesterday we tentatively published on Facebook (because we weren't so sure...), now it has been confirmed! Boxi has arrived at the shores of the Ysyk Kul, the goal for his Vol Biv adventure from Dushanbe across the Pamirs to Ysyk Kul!

The latter part of the journey went extraordinarily well, with long daily flights, awesome encounters with local people, and an average speed that has to be seen to be believed. Boxi and Urs had expected to sped no less than 3 weeks on the trip, but Boxi, going alone because Urs had to get off early after setting off, has done the 1000km (as the crow flies) in just a measly two weeks. As it turns out he's already on his way home, expected to arrive in Germany tomorrow.

It has been inspirational to follow you Boxi, an congratulations for achieving this spectacular goal! We look forward to your feedback regarding the Trango X-Light 2 - this has been the best possible test for the wing!

Here is a screendump from the SPOT live tracking, showing Boxi arriving on the shores of this massive Central Asian lake:



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