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UP XC Fever 2016

Follow the rankings and the progress of the Class 1 pilots here

Follow the rankings and the progress of the Class 2 pilots here

UP XC Fever 2016

Win a UP Paraglider of your own choice!

The UP XC Fever is back, bigger and better than ever! This time we've gone truly GLOBAL, and made the game exciting for UP pilots all over the World! We hope that it will encourage you all to make sure your flights are uploaded to the XContest servers, so that the rest of the World may know just how many awesome flights the UP community is undertaking out there.

As usual, there is no registration fee for this particular On-Line event - you only need to make sure that you upload the flights in a timely fashion, and no later than 48h after having completed them (to allow for those looooong retrieves ;-)) You must also make sure that you have the glider model written exactly as per the table below - the flights are filtered by a computer, and computers are notoriously bad at guessing that a UP Katanga is actually a UP Kantega, or a UP Summti is really a UP Summit... So, as long as you make sure that you type the details correctly AND get you flights Online, then you're already part of the fun!

We will be rewarding the five best pilots in each class - whoever gathers the highest number of points in the XContest from October 1st. 2015 till September 30th 2016, on a UP paraglider (see below), will winn great prizes. Since there are two classes, with five winners in each, this means that ten pilots will come out of the 2016 season just that little bit happier - or A LOT happier, if they win the grand prizes!

Class 1

Class 2

 Kantega XC2 Trango XC3
Makalu3 Trango X-Light2

Makalu Light Trango XC2


Summit XC3

Kantega XC

Summit XC2


Trango XC


Trango X-Light


Summit XC







Basis for our calculations in the UP XC Fever 2015/16 is the total number of points each pilot manages to accumulate in the XContest system - we would like to thank the XContest crew for their cooperation here!

In order to be eligible, the following criteria for your flights must be met:

  1. The ranking is limited to flights undertaken on UP wings mentioned in the table above,
  2. Flights must be uploaded to the server within 48 hours of their completion.
  3. In order to count for the ranking, each flight must be worth no less than 25 points (Class 1) or 50 points (Class 2).
  4. In order to be recognised by the system, your wing model name must be written EXACTLY as in the table above

Here are the prizes offered by UP for each of the two classes: (*)

1. Place: A UP paraglider of your own choice,

2. Place: UP Speedarms, UP t-shirt and UP cap,

3. Place: Soft-shell vest "Aconcagua", UP t-shirt and UP cap,

4. Place: UP quick-pack for paragliders and a UP cap,

5. Place: UP "Asgaard" gloves and UP cap

*(Please note that all prizes must come from the product range as it looks in Sept. 2016, and that the tandem glider is not part of the prize list. The prizes can not be returned/changed. UP employees and UP team pilots can not participate. We will announce the winners on Oct. 3rd 2016, and prizes must be claimed before December 31st 2016; after this date they are voided.)

You may follow the updated ranking on www.up-paragliders.com

We would like to wish all participants lots of lovely flights, lots of fun and lots of excitement!

Always Happy Landings!